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Advantages of Preventive Maintenance Program

  • Eliminate unplanned shutdowns due to passing or jammed valves; thereby increasing productivity
  • Reduce overall replacement & repair costs for problematic valves
  • Provide fast and effective mobile solutions
  • Develop a comprehensive valve database that enables operator to manage type of service or maintenance required.
  • Prolong valve’s service life by 50 – 60%.
  • Overall maintenance cost is reduced by approximately 60%.

Petroleum Services Division

Al-Essa Petroleum Services Division offers total valve care solutions that will reduce the overall costs of repairing and replacing of valves, we offer a wide variety of specialized valve maintenance products developed for the oil & gas industry that protect and prolong the service life of a valve.

In addition, Al-Essa Petroleum Services Division provides both reactive and preventive online valve lubrication and sealing services, which will reduce the costs resulting from timely shutdown and production cut-off.

Range of Services

Reactive & Preventive Maintenance Services

  • Testing, Flushing and sealing
  • On call, to service any jammed and passing valve
  • Setting up of preventative valve maintenance programs
  • Setting up of valve lubrication systems
  • Training
  • Sales of equipment & products


Our Services fit

  • Valves on the pipelines network.
  • Valves on the process line.
  • Wellheads in the production field.
  • X-mas tree valves for wellheads.
  • Onshore & Offshore Valves